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Send an email directly to

to request a DJ for your campus event.


Please include in your email:

  • Your organization

  • Your organization's email

  • Location, Date and Time of your event

  • Contact Phone number and Name of event

  • Preferred music

  • Basic overview of the event

WMLU DJ services are free of charge for campus events.


1) WMLU is not responsible for requesting the space or acquiring permissions for music to be played. Therefore, if permissions or space has not been granted, WMLU is not required to lend its services.


2) If an event is to be held at an off-campus location the event sponsor is responsible for providing transportation to and from the event if the DJ cannot provide their own transportation.


3) WMLU will attempt to honor all requests.  Unfortunately, due to time conflicts and availability of Disk Jockeys, not all requests may be honored. Therefore, requests will be honored on a first-come first-serve basis, pending availability of DJs, which may change each semester.


4) Requests for remote DJ assistance should be received by WMLU at least 15 business days before the event, preferably more. If confirmation of receipt is not received by the requesting party after 2-7 days of sending, that request or an inquiry should be sent to WMLU confirming initial delivery. It is not the responsibility of WMLU to honor requests that were not received due to system error.


5) WMLU is not responsible for details that have not been brought to their attention. Therefore, the remote request form should be filled out to the fullest extent possible.


6) WMLU will not work in hazardous conditions, i.e. outside during lightning or thunder, running electrical cords across roads or near water, etc.


7) WMLU will NOT play music inconsistent with community standards in a public venue. Private events in closed environments may allow different music types than in open areas. If in doubt, please send us a copy of songs to be played along with your request. If music is being provided to WMLU, please send a copy of the playlist with the request. 



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