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1978: FCC Grants Permission

FCC grants permission to construct a class D, 10 watt, non-commercial educational FM radio station to operate with a studio transmitter and antenna located in Jarman Hall.

1981WUTA Becomes a Reality

Longwood University's radio station was originally called WUTA and aired on 90.1 FM. The initial transmitter power was 10 watts. The original studio was located in the upper-area of Jarman Auditorium with weekly meetings in the auditorium itself.

1986: WUTA Becomes WLCX

The radio station comes back on air. With the new DJ's, the station received a new name — WLCX,  Longwood College Extreme.

1993: Bandfest is Founded

Bandfest begins as an all-day music festival and continues to this day. The first Bandfest was hosted off-campus.

1995: Radio Station Moved

The radio station and all of its equipment was moved to Hiner Hall. The radio station remained at this location for 17 years.

2001: Change of Frequencies

WLCX switches frequencies from 90.1 FM to 91.3 FM with 250 watts and acts as a repeater of WMRA, the NPR outlet for Harrisonburg and the Shenandoah Valley

2002: WLCX becomes WMLU

Longwood receives its designation as a university and WLCX was renamed WMLU, the Music of Longwood University.

2002: Remotes Committee Starts

The Remotes Committee begins, allowing campus-wide access to no-cost DJ's to broadcast music at events.

2004: Trivia Night Begins

WMLU's weekly Trivia Night event begins. To learn more about this event, go to the Calendar page of the WMLU website.

2005: Katrina Benefit Concert

WMLU hosted an all-day benefit concert to raise money for the families and citizens of New Orleans who were affected by Hurricane Katrina.

2012: DJ Rotundaman Mascot

DJ Rotundaman became a reality as WMLU's mascot. They have received many changes in their design over the years.

2014: Radio Station Moved

The radio station and all of its equipment was moved to its current location in French Hall.

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